Welcome to Laboratory of Aerosols, Clusters, and Environment based in the Department of Chemistry at Technical University of Munich. Our research interests lie in the field of environmental physical chemistry with emphasis on a detailed molecular-level understanding of complex environmental processes, e.g., nucleation of atmospheric aerosol particles. To do this, we employ clusters, well-defined finite size aggregates of atoms or molecules, to use them as nanoreactors for investigations of chemical reactions applying molecular and ion beam techniques, advanced mass spectrometry, and quantum chemical calculations. Please refer to our research section for more details.

08/2021: Yishuo Chen joined us as a research intern to design an ESI source.

06/2021: The lab warmly welcomes our newest members: Yihui Yan is joining us as a graduate student and Matthias Kellner as a research intern.

03/2021: Tabea Huss and David Henseler join our group to perform their research internship projects.

01/2021: Our group has officially started. Check out our shiny new website.

Opportunities: We look for motivated and enthusiastic people at any level of their career with a passion for experimental physical chemistry to join us. If you are interested in conducting research in our group, please let us know about you. Undergraduate students are welcome to use our lab for their research internship projects on a space-available basis.