Keeping things running smoothly is Kevin Li's job! (07/2023) Sometimes he even runs experiments from our office.
The construction is running at full power. Yihui Yan and Kevin Liang with a quadrupole mass filter (08/2022); Anastasiya Khramchenkova and Lucas Schmitt with an S-lens to improve ion transmission at ESI/MS interface (11/2022).
Betriebsausflug (08/2022): Our little hike at the Schliersee lake. A truly spectacular view over the lake from Schlierbergalm.
Jaro Kočišek (the organizer), Michal Fárník, JL, and Yihui Yan at IMAMPC 2022 in Prague. JL returns to 'the scene of the crime'. Fantastic atmosphere, great talks, and Czech beer!
Ganna Mashtaler running nanospray (05/2022)
Yihui Yan and Andriy Pysanenko joining forces in pickup experiments, Heyrovský Institute in Prague (02/2022)
Men at work; a typical day in the lab (11/2021)
Our short scientific mission at the FELIX Laboratory in Nijmegen (04/2019)